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Hello. I joined this community to get help/support in relactating.

My baby was weaned early at 6wks and now is 4 months. I have decided to try to relactate and the LC at the pediatricians office gave me a couple of Medela Starter SNS and a breast pump (Ameda Purely Yours) to help aid in the process.

I tried the SNS but my daughter refuses to latch on and just screams. Managing a screaming child and a tube taped to your boob is a bit difficult. So, I'm focusing on pumping right now with the intent to try the latch on again soon.

My question is, at what cycle/vacuum should I start with? I got some new valves for the pump and tested it out by pumping 15 minutes and afterward my left breast was sore, so I think I was pumping at too high a level. Any idea what is a good starting point?

Also, after the 15 minutes, I did have a couple or three drops (though they didn't fall) from each breast. Is this a good sign that it may not take as long as I thought it might?


Well, I have one son who is 3 months, and I had to stop breastfeeding at 6 weeks due to some medication I had to take.  I would really appreciate some advice on relactating.  I really want to breastfeed again.  We had some trouble at first and he had to use a nipple sheild.  Should I still use that or try to start without it? 

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Ask [userpic]

My son is 7 months old and we never really breastfed. I have hangups about not providing properly for my son and hate cleaning bottles and spending nearly $50 a week on his stupid formula.
I don't even know if he'll take to breastfeeding but I am seeking advice as to whether I should even attempt this.
He never really latched on but I never really tried. The bottle just seemed easier. I've always hated that I couldn't....didn't....breastfeed. I also didn't get a lot of support from family and husband.
Hospital story, if you care: I had 16 hours of labor that resulted in a c-section. I was very adamant that I wanted to bf before I had my son but the c-section and pain drugs had me delerious for about 24 hours. Once I finally attempted to breastfeed, he screamed when I tried to put him to the breast. I had a nurse helping me but he didn't latch on. I was told to call a LC or LLL but just figured it'd be easier with formula.
I just quit my job a week ago so I'm around my son 24/7 if I want to attempt this, nothing will keep me from being there to try it with him.
Should I or am I just crazy? I'll try anything.
x-posted to breastfeeding. I got tons of support so I'm wondering if anyone else has done this? How do I begin relactating? Supplements? I've heard of specific teas and stuff but I'm just so used to trudging to the store for formula. I will say that even if I relactate and he refuses the breast, I'll be at peace if he takes ebm from a bottle.
Thanks, time for a diaper change!

ps-I'm not insured at the moment since I have quit my job. My son's insured under his dad, but that doesn't help, does it? So I'd say Rx drug help isn't gonna happen unless state agencies or LLL or something gives them away? :(

Heidi [userpic]

Hi ladies!

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm sure you've all heard this story, but here we go! My daughter weighed in at 6lbs 11oz when she was born. I planned on exclusively breastfeeding as it was VERY important to me - STILL IS! :) However, like most new moms my milk took its time coming in and my daughter dropped down to 6lbs 2oz when she was 4 days old. I had a home visit from a nurse from my hospital and she was concerned about her weight so she talked to my pediatrician who wanted me to supplement with formula to get her weight back up since my milk wasn't it yet. SIGH. Well, you can just imagine how that went. I was made to feel like the WORST MOTHER EVER! It was like I was starving my child or something. I felt terrible! Just terrible. Well, my daughter got SO used to the bottle that refused my breasts. She would scream and claw at them and not surprisingly, I was THISCLOSE to giving up. I decided on Jan 3rd that I was going to go strictly to formula...and you know what? I couldn't do it. I felt SO guilty and cried and cried. I REFUSE to give up!!

My daughter latches on to my left side very nicely, but only for a little bit. There's no way we get in a good feeding. Plus she tends to fall asleep after 5-10 minutes. I'm using a nipple shield on my right breast to help her latch on. I have terribly flat nipples. :( I tried to pump tonight to see if I even had any milk left - and I do! It was only a few drops, but I was BEYOND excited and am determined to do everything in my power to breastfeed my daughter. I don't think I'll be able to do it exclusively, but I'm determined to try my hardest!

To be honest, breastfeeding didn't come very naturally or easy to me. I was SO SO SO determined to do it and once I started and my nipples got rubbed raw and I got mastitis I was SO ready to quit. But the decision hurt so much. I honestly don't think I have ever been in such emotional pain. I'm hoping somebody can give me some pointers!

I'll be going back to work on Monday full time. I will be working from 7:30-4pm. I get an hour lunch, but my company is WAY cool on pumping moms. What type of schedule should I make for myself? How often should I pump? I plan on nursing my daughter when I'm home, providing there's milk for her get!

Thank you SO much for any help you can give me! This is very important to me! Thank you!

P.S. I have a Medela PIS pump, for those who are wondering. :)

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Jessica [userpic]

Ok, so I guess this is my intro post.

Basically, as expected, I'm trying to relactate. My son is 7 weeks old and was getting a little breastmilk until he was 3 weeks old, when I ended up back in the hospital for three days and decided just to give up and let my milk dry up. Well, 3 weeks after that, after many nights of crying over it, I decided that I either needed to try to relactate or finally make peace with not breastfeeding. So I'm trying. I put the whole story behind the cut because it's kind of long.

BackgroundCollapse )

So what I'm doing so far is taking fenugreek, trying to drink more water, and pumping as often as I feel like I can. I have an Avent iQ Duo electric pump and an Isis manual and I'm using both. I also am trying to let him comfort suck and/or feed at least once a day. His latch is fantastic and after only a few days of this, my nipples hurt a lot less and he's more cooperative.

I'm trying to find a way to schedule feedings and pumpings that I can stay sane, not feel lonely or bored, but still effectively bring back at least some milk. I'm hoping that it will be enough. I also work full time, which complicates things. Right now, I only get little drops with the manual, and almost nothing with the electric, but I'm pretty sure he gets more than that when he nurses because he'll suck for a long time without getting frustrated.

I also HATED washing the pump parts every time and I felt so isolated sitting there holding the flanges to my breasts. I couldn't do anything else while I pumped, and that was lonely and boring. That's why sometimes I like to use the electric pump with just one side at a time, or use the manual pump. Then I have a free hand to read or do a crossword puzzle or something so I'm not sitting there staring at the bottles. Also, I figure that until I actually start collecting enough EBM to feed to him, I don't really need to wash it every time, which helps the whole sanity thing.

I just don't know if it's enough. The schedule is something like this:
- Pump with the dual electric pump for 15 minutes when I wake up in the morning
- At work: Pump for 5 minutes on one side with the manual pump in the morning
- At lunch, go home and use the electric pump again for 15 minutes
- At work: 5 minutes on the other side with the manual pump in the afternoon
- After work, either pump with the electric pump for 15 minutes or let him comfort-suck for as long as I can, but at least 10 minutes per side. Do one or the other at least 2-3 times between coming home from work and going to bed

Do you think that's enough to at least be able to eventually give him one or two meals a day? I don't expect to be able to get to a point where he's getting 100% breastmilk, but something is better than nothing, right?

Jenn [userpic]

hi i am new here, i have a 7mo boy who was breastfed for almost 3 months before i became very ill and underwent iv therapy that not only kept me from nursing, but dried up my supply. now that i am recovered i am starting the relactation process. i am on my third day and so far am taking fenugreek, prenatals, eating oatmeal every morning, drinking water, and pumping. I have a medela pis and while i remember it working for me pre-illness, it doesn't seem to work for me now. I will pump for 15min and get nothing, maybe a drop that wont fall off the nipple. After my most recent pumping session today I decided to see if i could hand express anything and i got one squirt and a few drops from each side..........

so are my pump settings wrong? i have no clue what speed or suction works the best and i really don't want to hand express because it hurts to hand express for longer than a min or two.

Towanda000 [userpic]

Hi, i'm Towanda. I had a beautiful stillborn daughter, Inana Lynn 2 months ago. Last week a very close family friend asked my partner and i to adopt her baby which is due in 2-3 months. I'd like to begin re-lactation so that i can breastfeed the adopted baby. I just rented a pump and started pumping tonight. I got maybe a teaspoon full out of both breasts combined.

Any suggestions?

Glad to be here in a community of mothers dedicated to doing the best for their babies.

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Hello Everyone, I'm new to Livejournal and hoping to find others that are trying to relactate. I have two children. My daughter Sophia that will be 3 in January and my daughter Madeline who will be 8 months next week. I breastfed Sophia for a year and suffered from plugged ducts twice a month for 5 months, but continued through cracked and bleeding nipples and all. When Madeline came, she was in the NICU for her first day because she had fluid in her lungs and needed to transition. She was supplemented with formula because her blood sugar was low (I had gestational diabetes with both girls). She was also given a pacifier even though I didn't want her to have one. The nurses in NICU made me feel so guilty for wanting to take it away from her. Telling me she was in pain and just wanted to suckle. Anyway, my milk didn't come in right away since I didn't nurse for the first two days and I had to use breastshields to transition her from bottle nipples to me. I was able to sucessfully nurse her and did for the first 4 months. She was a daudler and would nurse for 45 minutes at a time and every hour and a half. I had a toddler and was so tired. I gave up. The same month, she had her first ear infection. I feed her Similac Advanced with ARA and DHA. She has had chronic ear infections since I stopped nursing and is now on earinfection 6. Her peditrician is now recommending tubes in her ears and we have an appointment on the 16th. I have done so much research online. I don't want her to have tubes in her ears. I have read several studies on a 20 second procedure they do through the mouth and is supposed to be a cure all, also that some children are allergic to protein in cows milk and that breastfeeding helps prevent them. I am trying to relactate after almost 4 months of no nursing at all. I am pumping exclusivley to bring back my milk supply. I have the medela pump in style and pumped for the first time tonight. On one side I got a really thick yellow substance and don't know what it is. I have read others that have expierienced the same and would love some feedback to what it is. The other side I actually got a small amount of clear fluid. I have also left a message for my local la leche league consultant to contact me. Has anyone sucessfully relactated after such a long time? I should mention that I have a great milk supply while I was nursing. Thank you for any help at all!

Im wondering if its possible to get my milk back after 3 months not nursing.
Ill start with a little nursing backround..
With my first son Aubrey I nursed till he was 6 months old. I have never felt a letdown and he was always eating. For 3 months straight I nursed every 15 minutes on both breasts and I thought I was going to loose my mind from lack of sleep! He wasnt gaining weight and was 14lbs at 6 months. My Dr wasnt much of a support and I was young and didnt really know much better. When she said try giving him some formula I jumped on it becuase I was scared he was starving to death and I could finally rest. I tried some herbs and they did nothing for me. I tried to pump to stimulate a little more milk production and that didnt work iether.
So with my youngest son Gabriel I was determined to nurse. The first day in the hospital he screamed and screamed becuase I wasnt even producing colostrum for him. A nurse finally came in with a bottle and I sat and cryed while I fed him an ounce. I kept on nursing him at home but as well as nursing him on demand I pumped and toped his feeds off with formula. Being able to see the measured ounces made me feel so much better, I knew he was being fed. I also went on Domperadon (sp?) and it did nothing for my supply.
When he was 2 months old I had to go on medication and stopped nursing. Its killing me that I cant nurse him and so Ive been doing a little re serch to see if its possible that I can relactate after 3 months and all the info points to yes. I need a little help though:)
Yesterday I tried pinching my nipples and out of one only I got what looked like colostrum but bearly enough to call it a drop. I picked up Gabe while he was sleeping and he nursed (like a pro!) for ten minutes on iether side. My whole body tingled and I felt like something was *happening*. When he woke up I tried to nurse him again but he wouldnt latch and had no intrest. I tried a couple of times yesterday and still he just would not do it. Before work last night I bought an electric breast pump and have been pumping since then every 45 minutes and here and there in between.
So I went from a speck of what looked like colostrum to now being able to get a drop of actual milk from each breast in 18 hours:) Am I silly for thinking that this might work? It seems like Im making progress if only a drop.
I think that Gabe is going to be a little more excited about nursing when I have something to offer him but I know my milk would come in if he latched on. The feeling of nursing yesterday showed me it would work.
So heres my question: When do I know its just not working? How long should I be doing this for? I found alot of information about relactating but never for women who quit nursing for so long.
If anyone has any info or suggestions I would be very greatful:)

first my son was born 5-2-06 he is now 8.5 weeks old. I have been trying to relactate since he was a little over 5 weeks, but really started getting active since Sunday the 11th (everyday he would latch some but now i am trying before every feeding etc) he does comfort nurse a lot now.

Well With my first son I gave up BF after just a few days due to Cracking and bleeding. He also had Reflux and cried constantly and never wanted to eat (even when he got bottles. I tried to relactate with no success. He would NOT latch what so ever (even with SNS) and the pump doesn't get anything out for me (the hospital lactina or the PIS) finaly i just gave up. (because of his reflux he didn't even want to eat from his bottle much )

I had breast augmentation surgery on July 11th of 2005

got PG Early August due to an opps with FAM and a steroid shot.

I had him May 2nd less then 10 months post surgery
I knew i may have BF issues due to this

well I nursed for 1 week. then off and on for a week. the pain was horrible. I know nursing can hurt but it was just unbearable. I think some of it may have to do with me not even being a year out and completely healed due to my surgery. I had the peri-areola incision, so whenever he would suck the scar tissue was in his mouth and so painful. I know i did have a good supply though at least!

Everyone who helped said he was latched perfectly and it shouldn't be hurting too bad. (LLL leader, and the LC in the hospital) Just that i must have sensitivity issues was another thing i was told it could have been.

well the 8th I got pink eye and pumped to see if i could get some BM to help with that. I got half an oz. mostly from my right breast.

I started that Sunday latching him. he latched for an hour on the right. not really getting anything but he was comfort nursing while falling in and out of sleep
then the rest of the week i tried, he would latch a few minutes a day at least.

friday the 16th i bought some fenugreek . 3 pills 3 times a day.
he barely latched from friday to sunday and i think it may be due to me getting my first PPAF, or maybe the fenugreek taste? I also started the Blessed Tristle the 21st i believe. When Aidan latches he sucks a bit (fussy most times but won't fuss is he sucks to sleep) anyway after he sucks i can hand express a bit . So I try to latch him as much as possible though he will only latch with a nipple Shield.

anyway the pump has to be on the highest setting to even get drops ( I have the Medela PIS and the Lactina gave me the same results so I am sticking with the PIS) .I don't get much so now i am lowering the settings since i started to blister. i do however find that pumping for a minute or so, getting nothing, i stop it hand express get some and pump again and do this for 10-20 minutes.
Hand expression seems to be the most helpful for me. anyone else have no luck with any pump and end up just using the H.E as well?

Yesterday I ordered the SNS from Medela and should have that soon. Since my son has no realy issue with different bottles etc, he doesn't take a binkie and hopefully he will use the SNS if he is getting something out of it.

anyway. I wanted to ask for some advice, or maybe just some support as i don't want to give up this time. I haven't noticed a big supply change though . I went from 1/4 an oz, to 1/2 an oz, to 2 days ago I got 3/4 of an oz and yesterday i got an oz, and today i am at 1/2 an oz so far. that's the entire day though :(

when should I notice a change? I would think i could tell easily if i get milk or not because of the implants?? but not positive...

any random advice to help me? I really really wish and pray that i can do this this time. I hate that i didn't think to use the shield in the first place. i really think it would have solved our problems with the scar pain and if I wouldn't of pumped I don't think I would of had those painful blisters.

i do have a capsular contracion (hardening of scar tissue )in my right breast as well.... i may need surgery to fix it but will wait if i am able to nurse him. I just want to be able to nurse him as much as possible. even if it's only once in the morning at night. i figure starting out not expecting too much might help...

I don't want to give up too early but don't know how long i should wait to get some milk in... i do have Some but not much ...

this is so long. thanks to anyone who has time to read and give me some advice/support.
I just wanted to talk to real people who have done this and succeeded !

thank you so much!

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