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Jenn [userpic]
new and pumping?

hi i am new here, i have a 7mo boy who was breastfed for almost 3 months before i became very ill and underwent iv therapy that not only kept me from nursing, but dried up my supply. now that i am recovered i am starting the relactation process. i am on my third day and so far am taking fenugreek, prenatals, eating oatmeal every morning, drinking water, and pumping. I have a medela pis and while i remember it working for me pre-illness, it doesn't seem to work for me now. I will pump for 15min and get nothing, maybe a drop that wont fall off the nipple. After my most recent pumping session today I decided to see if i could hand express anything and i got one squirt and a few drops from each side..........

so are my pump settings wrong? i have no clue what speed or suction works the best and i really don't want to hand express because it hurts to hand express for longer than a min or two.


ok i was wondering about that because machi sleeps through the night and i really was confused why i had to pump during the night if he was sleeping through it.....

maybe they will make an exception for a wahm?

It is possible that they will do that. A good LC is also going to understand that you need more suction that you would normally need with just pumping.

What you are really going for is nipple stimulation. The more stimulation you can get the better off you will be.. and the more results you will see sooner.

And really feel free to ask anything you want. I am weary of just pushing information on you :P

I am also in the process of trying to help a family member lactate for an adopted child :P Excited about that one for sure.

cool tell her good luck

so with the nipple stimulation, does stuff actually have to come out or does that not matter?

Nope it doesn't matter :) Most likely you will start getting colosturm like milk again first which you will have a very hard time pumping.

actually the drops i do get out are white! thats a good sign right? or is that just white colostrum?