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Jenn [userpic]
new and pumping?

hi i am new here, i have a 7mo boy who was breastfed for almost 3 months before i became very ill and underwent iv therapy that not only kept me from nursing, but dried up my supply. now that i am recovered i am starting the relactation process. i am on my third day and so far am taking fenugreek, prenatals, eating oatmeal every morning, drinking water, and pumping. I have a medela pis and while i remember it working for me pre-illness, it doesn't seem to work for me now. I will pump for 15min and get nothing, maybe a drop that wont fall off the nipple. After my most recent pumping session today I decided to see if i could hand express anything and i got one squirt and a few drops from each side..........

so are my pump settings wrong? i have no clue what speed or suction works the best and i really don't want to hand express because it hurts to hand express for longer than a min or two.


actually the drops i do get out are white! thats a good sign right? or is that just white colostrum?