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wanting to breastfeed again!

Well, I have one son who is 3 months, and I had to stop breastfeeding at 6 weeks due to some medication I had to take.  I would really appreciate some advice on relactating.  I really want to breastfeed again.  We had some trouble at first and he had to use a nipple sheild.  Should I still use that or try to start without it? 

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Hi there! I had some of the same issues you're having. I ended up breaking my ankle a while ago and was on meds that were not BF safe. But now we're back at it! Your son probably won't take the breast at this point since there's nothing for him to eat. You might want to try some skin-to-skin contact at first. Do you have a pump? Pump every 2-3 hours for 15-20 minutes. (even at night! It's a pain, but it's SO worth it!) You might want to try taking some Fenugreek as well. It's just an herb that you can get at any GNC store that works GREAT! I take 3-4 capsules 3 times a day. Just a warning, you might smell like maple syrup! Also, when you notice that your body is starting to make milk again (it might take awhile, even WEEKS of pumping just to see one drop!) you can use a nursing supplement feeder. What you do is put your breast milk or formula in a bottle and there's a little hose that is attached that you place by your breast. Your baby sucks at your breast, but gets the milk from the bottle. The hose is SO tiny that your son won't even notice it. It's kind of a clumsy thing, but it might be something to check out. You might also want to join breastfeeding The girls in there are AWESOME and would definitely give you tons of help and support! I think it's awesome that you want to try breastfeeding again! Good luck, honey!


Start there.

Also decide what you'd like to do. A nipple shield + a Supplemental Nursing System might do the trick for you. You may want to use supplements in conjunction with pumping. Think about what you have time for and see how it goes.

Does your son use a pacifier? Try offering your son the breast when he wants that. He may not want it at first but be gently persistent and he may start to take it. If not, that's okay too - you can still provide most (if not all) of his needs via pumped milk.

Try an LC at your local hospital and breastfeeding for more info.