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ok heres my question. my son was 15 weeks preemie, had breastmilk i pumped for him the forst 8 weeks, then i dried up. due to becoming pregnant. He is home now, and im almost 15 weeks along, and was curious if there was a way to start up my milk supply while being pregnant.

Bolly, Bolly Corgin [userpic]

Hello, my name is Angela. I'm 20 years old, and I have a 10 week old son. I joined because a member of 2006babies said I should. I guess my situation is pretty common. (This is what I've been told, anyway.)

This is my first child, so of course I'm not an expert or anything. When we went for a 6-week check up, the doctor told us he was concerned about Mason's weight gain, or lack thereof. He was born at 8lbs8oz. At 2 weeks he was 8lbs1oz and at 6 weeks he was 8lbs0oz. Basically the doctor told me to start supplementing him with formula, so he would put on a little bit of weight. I listened, of course, because I didn't want to do anything to hurt my son, and I didn't want them to call child services on me or something. The doctor basically said we were starving our son! So, I started with one bottle a day of formula, then to two. Pretty soon my milk supply was decreasing quickly, and the more this happened the more formula I had to give him.

He's only 10 weeks old. I wanted to breastfeed him as long as I could. I don't go to that doctor anymore, but I haven't talked to his new doctor about it because we've only been to her once, and that was for his 2 month shots and to get a second opinion about a hernia that the other doctor said he had. He did have the hernia, and he got surgery yesterday. He is kind of cranky about it, and what really calms him down is nursing. Unfortunately I have next to nothing to give him.

To top it all off, I have an inverted left nipple. At first I was using the nipple shield but I eventually got him to latch on without it. That breast doesn't produce anything, while the right produces just a small amount.

So, I guess I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I know it's possible to start breastfeeding again. I just need to know what to do. Where do I start?

(Also, I found this article today which makes me even more mad at Mason's old doctor!)

O K here it is out on the line.....

I have a baby boy who turned 1 on Feb. 24. He is intolerant to lactose and cows milk protein. I gave up on breastfeeding when he was 8 months old. He is a very irritable baby and has had ever infection/illness any one could have. He has had his first ear infection and it has been on going for 2 1/2 months and I have spent a mini fortune on prescriptions.

N E Ways the reason I am here is for feed back on relactating. I am probably not going to be able to get him back to the breast, but I want to pump and out it in to bottles. I have a great milk supply while I am breastfeeding and I have pumped before and got 1oz per minute.

I started pumping last week and the first day I got lots of golden sticky, thick drops. the next day I got thinner and more drops...enough that the actually had to drop to the bottle.

Now I feel like I am getting no where, but just some sore nipples...

Please give me some encouraging feed back and let me know if this is normal!!!

cherryb0m [userpic]

My son will be one month old on the 14th and i started breastfeeding him but I ended up stopping because (I won't lie) i got frustrated with it... he wasn't latching as well as he was in the beginning and my milk supply started to dwindle to almost nothing. Almost a month later, my boobs leake occasionally, so i probably won't have a problem reestablishing a milk supply, I have a pump so it will make it easier to relactate. I want to give it another shot and give him what is best for him... and if i can't get enough out of my boobs, i will still supplement, but even if he's getting SOME milk from me, it's better than nothing, right? So ... my question is... are there any supplements that will help with milk production ? and also, whats the best kind of diet to be on while breastfeeding?

Like an Amazon [userpic]

Hi, everyone!!

In my last post, I wrote that I was taking Mother's Milk, or whatever (I just went back and edited it), but I'm actually taking Motherlove More Milk with Goat Rue. It's got fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, and a couple other things in it. I'm taking the dosage recommended on the bottle, I'm not sure if it's enough, though. I don't have that maple syrup smell that I had my first go around when I used the fenugreek.

Anyone have any experience with the More Milk?

Thank you! :)

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Like an Amazon [userpic]

Hi, everyone!

Just joined the community. I guess I had some specific questions and a bunch of variables that I was hoping to get some advice on, to maybe generate a plan to relactating.

My son's 9 months old. Due to what I'm THINKING were medication reasons (though the LC I saw said it shouldn't have caused a problem), I never got a milk supply in, even after bf (and pumping!) my son for two months. (Of course, I supplemented the entire time when it became obvious I wasn't getting any milk.) So, after much round and round with doctors, LCs, etc, he's been exclusively ff and bottlefed for the past 7 months. At any rate, I'm off that medication now.

I'm a working mom, but I get two weeks off coming up in about a week and a half. I bought a PIS, I'm armed with a Lact-Aid, and I bought some of the Motherlove More Milk with Goat Rue (man, that stuff tastes like hell). Thing is, since he's so much older, he's only eating every 4 hours, 8 ozs at a time. I also read something, somewhere (I've been reading so much material!) about taking birth control pills for a few months without having a break, and then quitting them when you're ready to relactate, so I've been doing that too!

I don't know what the best course of action would be. He still latches on when we take a bath, or are going to sleep, or whatever. Just for a few seconds. He gets a kick out of it for some reason. haha. So I don't think that'll be a problem once he's getting formula that way. I'm just hoping for some advice on when to start taking the Mother's Milk, if I should take it now, or if I should wait. If I should feed him with the Lact-Aid, then pump two hours after that, then feed him with the Lact-Aid two hours after that, etc...

Just trying to come up with the most efficient game plan, since I have those two weeks completely free! :) Any and all comments would be great. Thank you so much!

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Summer House [userpic]

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My road to relactating has finally begun! I got a pump today, and have pumped twice tonight. I am going every 2 hours during the day. Every 3 at night, or so. And on Tuesday, I am getting the SNS, and will pump in between feedings. I was only able to afford an Avent Isis, but so far I really like the pump. And lo and behold! I got a 2 little drops from both nipples the first time, and the second time I got big drops from one side, and a whole bunch of little drops from the other. I am way encouraged! Here I thought I'd get nothing for at least a few days.

A question though. The smaller drops were really clear and wet, but the larger drops were golden, thick, and pretty sticky. Could this be colostrum coming back in? Or something else...?


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<3 [userpic]

I have a whole bunch of coupons, and I thought I'd ask if anyone wanted them before I threw them away.

-$1.00 off any package of Huggies Liquid Powder or Huggies Rash Cream

-$1.00 off any Huggies bath & body product

-$1.00 off any Huggies rash cream

-$1.50 off any package of Huggies diapers

-$1.50 off any package of Huggies Supreme diapers

-1 free 8x10 portrait and sitting for any baby 0-3 months @ the Picture People

I have a whole bunch more, I just have to look for them. :)


Meilan [userpic]

Hello, My name is meilan... I have 3 children-- I have only tried once to breastfeed, with our youngest child lucas. it lasted a month before I gave in. I'm not making excuses for myself at all.. it was simply that I did not have the willpower. I got thrush, and ppd... And I have to say it was not the experience I thought it was. We were miserable, and there is serious lack of support out here, at least in all the places I looked it felt this way. I also have cerebral palsey, and so the control over my right arm is limited. I had severe problems bf'ing on my own without the help of dh... Well, ever since I gave up bf'ing, I've secretly beat myself up over it. I REALLY want to relactate, but I don't know how to even begin and my son is now 7 months old... is it too late for us?

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