Relactating Mothers

We want to give our babies the best!

Relactating Mamas
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This community is for mothers who are attempting to relactate.

Everyone should know that breast IS best. This community is for those mothers who are willing to do ANYTHING to make sure their child does get the best. No matter what your reason is for needing to relactate, you are welcome to join this community. Also, if you have relactated in the past, you are encouraged to join and help the mommies out.

This community is a tool for mothers to recieve the support and advice they need!

There are several rules for this community, read them before you join, failure to comply will result in banning.

1. All pictures must be put under the cut and must be on topic. If you want to post pictures of your new pump, your container of milk that you are proud to say you just pumped, your baby nursing at the breast or anything breastfeeding related you are welcome, but they must be placed under a cut. If they include nudity they must be labeled not work safe for those of you who like to read LJ at work!

2. No bashing will be tolerated. For whatever reason a mother has lost her milk supply or not breastfed her baby from the beginning we need to acknowledge the fact that they are now trying to make the wrong right by relactating and beginning to give their baby the best in life! This is not a debating community, this is a support community.

3. Do not post misleading information. This means don't post things like- "My milk never came in"
"My baby is allergic to breastmilk" "Breastfeeding is perverted"

4. I am a believer in extended nursing and encourage it among the members, I will not tolerate any anti-extended breastfeeding comments.

5. Promoting will not be allowed unless approved by the moderator.